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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: more vhost thoughts
Date Sun, 05 Oct 1997 11:26:02 GMT
Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> >If a client connects to port X and gives "Host: foo:Y" where Y != X,
> >should the server reject the request?
> The HTTP level may not be aware of a firewall/router changing the
> real port number within an intranet, for whatever reason, and thus the
> client may think it is talking to port 80 even though the connection
> is on some other port.  This isn't the client's fault, so an error is
> not appropriate.  I suggest just ignoring the Host header's port
> number and only using the physical port for selecting the server.

OK, that's another way to do it. Certainly, on no account should Y ever
be used.



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