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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Win32 binary
Date Fri, 17 Oct 1997 18:50:38 GMT
At 07:26 PM 10/17/97 +0100, Ben Laurie wrote:
>Right. I've just uploaded Apache32_1.3b2.exe to dist. This is absolutely
>totally untested. Well, the setup is a somewhat mangled version of a
>known-to-work setup. Beyond that, you are on your own. If its a total
>fiasco, just delete it and let me know what is wrong, and I'll try to
>get onto it tomorrow.

Looks like a great start!

Coupla problems.  I chose all the defaults, except for a "full" install.
Oh yeah, this is on Win95.  :)

1) on the last screen, after the install, it says "you can choose to read
the README file, or launch Apache, by choosing the options below".  There
are no options, just a "finish" button, and as best I can tell it doesn't
launch the server.

2) The whole "Apache Server for Win32" folder got added to the "Startup"
folder, but really only the server binary should be there; the whole folder
should be under the top-level "Programs" menu.  (I went with all the
defaults) And when I follow that link, I get a "searching" dialog box,
suggesting the link wasn't prperly formed.

3) Apache.exe is found under "Modules".  I'd put it one level up, in the
main \Program Files\Apache directory.

4) Apache when it launches looks for "/apache/conf/httpd.conf" instead of
"/Program Files/apache/conf/httpd.conf"  And when I try and say

  apache -f C:\PROGRA~1\Apache\conf\httpd.conf

I get

  fopen: no such file or directory
  httpd: could not open document config file 


4.1) So I install in \apache, and everything works, except the server
doesn't come up automatically, like it looks like it's trying to do.  When
started manually it's fine.

5) There's nothing in /src or /htdocs.  Did we decide to ship without these?

6) There's no README

All of these might be relatively easy to fix... I'd hold off on a public
announcement of this binary until these are addressed though.


"it's a big world, with lots of records to play." - sig

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