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From Sam Rasins <>
Subject Re: related commercial projects
Date Wed, 29 Oct 1997 20:50:30 GMT
Brian et. al.,

>Speaking of jobs, and knowing that everyone here is overloaded; what do
>folks think about coming up with a list of "open positions", and sending
>that to apache-announce?  Right now it's really difficult for someone
>enthusiastic about Apache to know what needs doing, and also gain the
>authority to actually accomplish it within our structure.  I'd like to open
>things up a little bit more, and this seems like a good way to do that.

The jobs-list is a great idea ... and a good start at improving the volume
of work that The Apache Group can produce.  I agree that someone that is
"enthusiastic about Apache" may find it difficult to even begin to know
what has to be done.

It is my belief that it is (and should be) difficult to become a member
of the Apache Group.  This is a *GOOD* thing.  The downside of it is that
there are a lot of able minds and fingers available for producing input
to the process of developing "THE Best HTTPd Server in the WWWorld!!!" ...
that have no "official" channel to offer their comments, suggestions, and
help.  Yes, there are mail lists, but NOT targeted specifically to those
who would like to contribute, but do not know the code, do not have the time,
do not have the resources, do not have the skill, are frightened by all the
"other" things one must master (CVS, pserver, the bug-list, etc.), or any other
reason for not being able to be a "member".

What I'd like to propose is a separate forum for the folks that WANT to help
but can't really BE an Apache Group Member.  This mail-list (like the "real"
list ... new-httpd) can serve as a "minor-league" or grooming stop for future
Full-Members.  It would require one or two Full-Members to moderate (watch
and comment) the list and to [this is important] provide opportunities for
"real Apache" work to be done.  What I mean by this is that the Full-Members
can send "tasks" to the "" list [for lask of a better
name] which the rest of the Full-Apache members agree can/should be handled
by the httpd-assist group.  Of course, the general idea is to offload some
tasks to the httpd-assist list to give you guys some breathing room and allow
others a fertile ground to help.  To make it work, the Apache Group members
would have to try and STAY AWAY from those tasks that have been "given" to the
httpd-assist group.  Then, as solutions are produced by the httpd-assist list,
they can be culled out (by the moderators) and presented to the new-httpd list
for "official" voting.

Personally, I have been wanting to do more than just read the list, scratch my
head at times, say "ah-ha" many times, and in general marvel at the incredible
speed and efficiency this group works.  I have noticed in the last few days
(months) that though a lot of improvement has developed ... your efficiency
has been under seige due to the volume of tasks to be done.  Try an addendum
list to off-load the *SIMPLER* tasks.

Thank you, all of you, for your time and efforts into Apache.  I am one of
many who benefit from your toil.  I also thank you for taking the time to
read and reflect on the ideas presented above.

Sambo	P-)

Good leaders being scarce, following yourself is allowed.

{NOTE: The [random] quote above was provided via the 'fortune' program.}

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