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From (Ben Hyde)
Subject Build of apache_19971029080013
Date Wed, 29 Oct 1997 15:58:39 GMT

Slight changes in size and line numbers.

Summary of the summary:
          Log        Configure       Notes
         sunos      SunOS       fgetc undeclared in util.c (1)
         sgi        SGI IRIX    ok
         mips       ULTRIX      fail, warnings of parse errors in os .h files
         hp9000s800 HP-UX       fail, warnings incomp. casting (1)
         hp9000s700 HP-UX       fail, warnings incomp. select pointers
         alphaosf   DEC OSF/1   linked, warnings, trouble with ./mkh (1)
         intelnt                linked, warnings, signed/unsigned, float/double
         sparcsol   Solaris 250 ok
  (1) errors cause make to give up and skip rest of the build.

More tedious details at:
   - ben h.

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