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From "Brian Havard" <>
Subject Re: [STATUS] Mon Oct 27 08:10:04 EST 1997
Date Tue, 28 Oct 1997 02:06:36 GMT
On Mon, 27 Oct 1997 11:38:07 -0800 (PST), Dean Gaudet wrote:

>>     * According to Brian Havard <>,
>> 	it's not possible to compile for OS/2 with the current
>> 	source tree
>Right, it'd be nice to see another patch that lets OS/2 compile, preferably
>separated into the "safe" stuff which we can commit, and the "unsafe" stuff
>like changing #!/bin/sh to #!somethingelse which is requird to get things
>working under OS/2.  The latter would be something that we could include
>in the source in os/emx/src.patch, and include a README.OS2 indicating that
>OS2 requires a patch first to get working.

I'm working on finding ways to eliminate the "unsafe" changes. BTW, there's
no problem with #!/bin/sh lines, the sh port for OS/2 takes care of these.

The ones left include:

1) src/regex/mkh contains "PATH=/bin:/usr/bin ; export PATH" which ruins the
normal path so nothing runs. Can this be eliminated? Surely these are already
in the path of any system that needs it.

2) src/regex/Makefile contains "SHELL = /bin/sh" which of course isn't where
you find sh on OS/2. Other makefiles in the source are created using $SHELL
which Configure set up as just "sh" for OS/2 but not here. I have to change
this to "SHELL = sh".

3) src/helpers/CutRule DOESN'T have a #!/bin/sh so sh doesn't recognize it as
an executable. Puting it in doesn't seem to break anything (well, I tried it
on Linux) but I don't understand why it's not needed.

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