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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject [STATUS] Mon Oct 27 08:10:04 EST 1997
Date Mon, 27 Oct 1997 13:40:50 GMT
Hopefully this is pretty much up to date.

As of:
    Mon Oct 27 08:10:04 EST 1997


    2.0  : In discussion
    1.3b3: In development
    1.3b2: Tarball rolled and available
	   Source tagged as APACHE_1_3b2
	   Apache web-page reflects availability of 1.3b2
	   Announcement released
    1.3b1: There is no 1.3b1


    * A ``preliminary'' WIN32 binary is built... Not sure if
	it's ready for prime-time, but it's available from ./dist


    * Welcome to Martin Kraemer <>,
	new Apache Group member


    * Ken's perl logfile splitter (to ./support)
    * Lars Eilebrecht's [PATCH] mod_speling loglevels
    * Ben's Fix CGI under Win95 (plus some error checking)
    * Ben's Fix absolute path detection
    * Martin's [PATCH] Reject multiple arguments to <...> block directives
    * Martin's [PATCH] Detect missing </Directive> at end-of-file
    * PR#1284 fix: add UNIQUE_ID to suexec wrapper for mod_unique_id
    * Ken's [PATCH] Slight cleanup of logging of bad directives
    * Martin's [PATCH] Suggestion for HTTP_VERSION(maj,min) macro
    * PR#1030 fix: Fix problem causing crash when a CGI is accessed with
      a ?arg does not contain a =
    * Work around buggy stat() on Win95 (closes some PR's?)
    * Paul's replacement fo README.NT
    * Paul's [BUG] NT fixup for failed spawn of child 
    * Dean's [PATCH] PR#1241: mod_dir/autoindex should DECLINE PUT
    * Dean's [PATCH] mod_speling 64-bit issues
    * Martin's [PATCH] Global variables should be set in MainServer,
    * Sameer's Fix builds so that they depend on the .o files
    * Dean's adjustment of mod_unique_id.c
    * Email address added to all internal LICENSEs
    * Rasmus's abbreviated [PATCH] Trying to grok .module files
    * Sameer's [PATCH] pathnames
    * Martin's [PATCH] Take 3: Line Number counting in config file
    * PR#1267: i386 AIX does not have memmove.
    * PR#482, 1246: HPUX now defaults to using Spencer regex.
    * PR#977: Some versions of netbsd don't automatically define __NetBSD__
    * PR#1249: Unixware 2.x requires -lgen for syslog
    * All SVR4 systems now use NET_SIZE_T = size_t
    * PR#1321: Solaris 2.4 needs spencer regex
    * WANTSREGEX=YES now the default


    * Rasmus' [PATCH] Re: Module install steps>
	Status: Rasmus +1,

    * Paul's Dean's patches and NT, and a PATCH or two
	Status: Paul +1, Dean +1, Jim +1

    * Dean's [PATCH] ensure config errors/warnings are logged
	Status: Dean +1, Paul +1 (see above)

    * Dean's [PATCH] PR#467: serialized accept
	Status: Dean +1, Jim +1, Paul +1,

    * Sameer's [PATCH] Make -dev work on FreeBSD
	Status: Sameer +1, Ralf (and others?) don't need it,
	Brian Havard reports it's needed for gcc under OS/2

    * Ben's [PATCH] add error checking to file reads
	Status: Ben +1, Jim +1, Dean +1

    * Marius Groeger <> [PORT] LynxOS 2.5
	Status: Brian +1 (but the LFLAGS="$LFLAGS" line looks weird),
	 Jim 0 (doesn't look at patches that are MIMEd :) )
	 Paul +1 (but it should still define -DLYNXOS)

    * Dean's protocol/1195: Bug in Authentication header (fwd)
	Status: Dean +1, Paul +1, Martin +1, Ken +1

    * Dean's [PRE-PATCH] expanding ap_snprintf()
	Status: Dean +1, Ben +1, Jim 0, Martin 0, Brian +1(?)
	See <>
	for a more up-to-date idea (int vformatter) that has a
	vote of +1 from Dean, Ben, Martin and Jim for concept

    * Ken's [PATCH] for mod_autoindex: no-sorting, last-modified
	Status: Ken +1, Dean +1/-1 (see

    * Manoj Kasichainula's <> libap implementation
	Status: Mahoj wants us to "hold off" on this patch, but
	others could ``re-create'' it :)

    * Brian Havard's OS/2 proxy patch -- OS/2 can't open() a directory
	This is take 3 or so.
    * Martin's [PATCH] [FEATURE] Clickable Path Components in ftp dir header
	Status: Martin +1, Ken +1
    * Paul's Win32 service errors
	Status: Paul +1, Brian +1

In progress:

    * Martin Kraemer's [PATCH] Parsing URI into its components 
	This has "evolved" into a new module: util_uri. Martin
	will post when it's at a state where he's happy with it.

Needs patch:

    * Gemini port (SCO + UnixWare)
	see <>

    * AIX >= 4.2 could use -DNET_SIZE_T=size_t
	Note: Handled by Dean's Break Everything Patch

Open issues:

    * NameVirtualHost
	Causes mucho confusion... Dean is ready to ``admit defeat''
	but should we let him? Lars suggests making NameVirtualHost
	a required directive

    * Removal of inetd mode
	Dirk, Dean, Jim are +1 for it
	Marc says it's useful at times
	Ken asks shouldn't it assume -X ?

    * DDA's adding a tray application to the Windoze version for ease of
	Status: Ken +1, Paul and Ben and others: No like Win95
	specific stuff

    * Apache Win32 v1.3b2 won't serve >16k
	Status: Has not be reproducable by project members

    * tarball issues:
       o Remove .Z files? Dean says yes, others don't really care
       o md5 or pgp or some combo of both?
       o Brian says yes... Jim says +1

    * According to Brian Havard <>,
	it's not possible to compile for OS/2 with the current
	source tree

    * The PR#918 patch above appears to have been bogus, should be fixed or
	reversed.  It has been reversed for now.

    * Martin's SEGV, and Alexei's GP Fault under windows (probably the same)

    * FLOCK mutex problems under FreeBSD and others

    * Marc's [BUG] include virtual and SCRIPT_NAME w/path_info

      Jim Jagielski            |       jaguNET Access Services           |
            "Look at me! I'm wearing a cardboard belt!"

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