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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject [PATCH] Take 3: Line Number counting in config file (cfg_getline() rewritten)
Date Fri, 24 Oct 1997 23:29:38 GMT
Okay, Dean, here we go again:

This patch introduces a new structure, as proposed by Dean, which holds
the information necessary to read / close a config file.

/* Common structure for reading of config files / passwd files etc. */
typedef struct {
    int (*getch) (void *param);        /* a getc()-like function */
    void *(*getstr) (void *buf, size_t bufsiz, void *param); /* a fgets()-like function */
    int (*close) (void *param);        /* a fclose()-like function */
    void *param;               /* the argument passed to getc()/close()/gets() */
    const char *name;          /* the filename / description */
    unsigned line_number;      /* current line number, starting at 1 */
} configfile_t;

With this patch, there are currently two ways to open a config file,

 1) fopen() like:
    configfile_t *pcfg_openfile(pool *p, const char *name);

 2) custom tailored: assumes you opened the file somehow and want to
    handle it using the cfg_getline() function later. You have to provide
    a fgetc()-like (and optionally a fgets()-like) function for
    reading using whatever pointer argument you passed to open_custom,
    and a routine called on config file "close" (which doesn't really
    have to close anything).
    configfile_t *pcfg_open_custom(pool *p, const char *descr,
		    void *param,    /* passed to getc(param), close(param) */
		    int(*getc)(void* param),
		    void *(*gets) (void *buf, size_t bufsiz, void *param),
		    int(*close)(void* param));
    (the gets and close functions may be given as NULL).

Reading happens just like before by calling cfg_getline(), but the third
argument is now a configfile_t*

After finishing the config file, call cfg_closefile(configfile_t *fp);
instead of using fclose().

Line counting happens inside the cfg_getline() call, so it _should_ count
correctly now.... The old cmd structure fields config_file, config_line
and infile are obsoleted by this change and have been removed.

There is DEBUGging code in util.c which lets you monitor the opening and
closing of (and/or each line read from) configfile_t's.

These modifications have been made for the "normal" config files and for
places where cfg_getline() was used before:
  main/http_config.c              (reading the config)
  main/http_core.c                (nesting call for <IfModule>)
  modules/standard/mod_auth.c     (reading auth passwords/groups)
  modules/standard/mod_digest.c   (reading auth passwords)
  modules/standard/mod_imap.c     (reading .map files)
  modules/standard/mod_info.c     (reading the config)
  modules/standard/mod_mime.c     (reading mime.types)

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