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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Take 2: Line Numbers are counted wrong in config file parsing
Date Wed, 22 Oct 1997 11:53:57 GMT
On Wed, Oct 22, 1997 at 01:17:32PM +0200, Martin Kraemer wrote:
> I always wondered why the line numbers printed in error messages for
> config file errors were often too low. (Syntax error on line ...)
> Now I dug into the code and noted that the line counter is only
> incremented in handle_directive(), but not in cfg_getline(); some lines
> (notably those skipped by <IfModule>) don't go thru handle_directive()
> and are therefore not counted.

I now added the line counting to cfg_getline() (where the '\n' is detected
in the first place), but that required an interface change.

The following patch should count the config file's lines correctly.

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