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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: 1.3b2 tarball
Date Mon, 20 Oct 1997 10:51:23 GMT
Brian Behlendorf wrote:
> At 06:08 AM 10/20/97 -0400, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> >The docs also say to sign the release, which is not possible
> >on taz, since it lacks pgp. 
> Does now.


Idea: Should we "allow" remote tarball rolls? AFAIK, and I could be
 wrong, the diff between 'cvs co' and 'cvs export' is the
 CVS directories. Since I'm sure that the less logins on hyperreal
 allowed the better Brian would sleep, this should be an option
 and, IMO, a more comfy option for many people. In the process
 of rolling many things came to mind about the process and how
 to update the how-to docs, some of which I've already changed.
 But requiring a login on taz seems limiting and, I'm wondering,
 if even necessary. Since remote 'cvs export's are broken, at
 least with the current CVS (1.9), does a:

     % find . -type d -name CVS -exec rm -rf "{}" \;

 "match" what it does?

 If so, then does it make sense for remote rolls to be the default?

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            "Look at me! I'm wearing a cardboard belt!"

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