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From Manoj Kasichainula <>
Subject The beginnings of a libap setup
Date Sat, 18 Oct 1997 06:33:15 GMT
I started playing with adding a libap to the Apache compilation
process a few hours ago. I now have a basic structure in place for how
libap will work, and have moved ap_signal into libap. With these basic
changes, the root-level make now completes (and runs, AFAICT). I've
attached the patch below. To save a little trouble of wading thorugh
the source, here's the gist of the changes to the structure:

* new libap directory, containing source files, Makefile, and libap.h

* -Ilibap (and all associated ".."'s) is added to every CFLAGS
  whereever -Imain is present 

* httpd.h includes libap.h for now, since I figure all modules will
  eventually use something from libap.

* ap_signal has been moved

Stuff still to do:

* Test more, of course

* Add more functions based on time constraints, interest for move
  libap functions, and interest for putting this in 1.3b3 dictates

* Fix some dependancies (right now, "make support" will fail unless
  "make src" has been done first. 

Comments? I'm posting at this point mainly to solve the "make support"
problem now pending and to learn about anything I might be screwing up
before I get deep into moving stuff around.

Manoj Kasichainula - manojk at io dot com -
"I am the key on the sardine can of justice!" - Darkwing Duck

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