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From "David G Taylor" <>
Subject Porting APACHE to a mips RISC/os Release 5 computer.
Date Fri, 17 Oct 1997 09:12:46 GMT
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been attempting to do a port of the Apache V1.2.4 software to 
an older Unix system.  The machine is a mips RC3230 computer running 
the RISC/os Release 5 Unix. It supports 3 different C compilers - 
the one I have been using the the System V Release 4 compiler.
After following the guidance in the PORTING file, I was able to get 
APACHE to successfully compile. However upon setting it up and 
running it, I find that just the request to get the supplied 
INDEX.HTML file causes the computer to thrash, and slow down 
considerably. It appears to be searching the disk for something but 
cant find it.  I am running it as a standalone server, and have 
checked that there is no entry for port 80 in the /etc/inetd.conf.

Could you suggest where I might look for the problem? I have checked 
the error_log file, but there is no record of any error. Do you know 
of a port for the above computer?

Thanks in anticipation.

Best Regards,

    David G Taylor  Email :
    Software Officer Electrotechnology Dept.
    Auckland Institute of Technology. Ph (09) 307 9999 X 8086.

"Repent,Believe,Receive - the three keywords to Heaven!"
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