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From Martijn Koster <>
Subject Re: Multithreading
Date Wed, 15 Oct 1997 10:07:55 GMT
On Wed, Oct 15, 1997 at 07:28:41PM +1000, Brian Havard wrote:

> One thing I found and don't know what to do with is
> #define APACHE_TLS __declspec( thread )
> in multithread.h. What does this do and is it portable?

I know little about Win32, but Excite found:

   "Several compilers implement automatic thread-local storage management.
    For Microsoft C, this is done by adding the thread attribute to a
    variable declaration like so: 

    __declspec(thread) LPTSTR buffer; 

   This is a Microsoft-specific extension and may not be supported in all compilers."

Hope this helps.

-- Martijn Koster,

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