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From "Kaufman, Steven E" <>
Subject Porting Apache to Unisys SVR4
Date Fri, 29 Aug 1997 15:47:04 GMT
Unisys SVR4 (1.3.X & 1.4.X) also has a braindamaged uname.  It returns
the following:
>$ ./helpers/GuessOS
>./helpers/GuessOS: hostinfo: not found

(where www is the machine name)

I made the following change to GuessOS so that it selects the right
system type.  I don't know if it will break other systems, it might
belong closer to the end of GuessOS so that it does not catch other
systems by mistake.

edit - GuessOS <<EOF
                echo "whatever-unisys-sysv4"; exit 0

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