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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject [BUG] 'proxy:' requests are catched by Apache handlers...
Date Wed, 10 Sep 1997 17:28:14 GMT

after checking the stuff from PR#870 I found that proxy: requests are
catched by an Apache handler when ProxyPass (or the mod_rewrite counterpart)
is used.

A sample configuration:

 <Location /foobar>
 Options +ExecCGI
 SetHandler cgi-script

 ProxyPass /foobar/test.html  http://remote/foo.html

If the URL /foobar/test.html is requested the request is correctly
translated to "proxy:http://remote/foo.html" by mod_proxy, but the
cgi-script handler catched the requests and tries to execute 
"proxy:http://remote/foo.html" which - of course - fails and a
file not found error is returned to the client.

The cgi-script handler is only an example it happens with every handler.

When I put the following section in the configuration the request
is completed as intended:

 <Location /foobar/test.html>
 SetHandler proxy-server

Any ideas how to fix this? 
Can we wrap the call to invoke_handler with a check to make sure
that proxy: requests are not run through the normal handler set?
What about handlers that may want to deal with proxy: requests?

Lars Eilebrecht                    - "Never test for an error condition you                    - don't know how to handle." (Steinbach)

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