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From (Rasmus Lerdorf)
Subject Some Irix issues
Date Wed, 17 Sep 1997 03:56:22 GMT
This is for a "just checked out" apachen cvs tree using the native SGI cc
with WANTHSREGEX set to "yes".

I had to fiddle with the Makefile and add a -I.../os/unix because conf.h
tries to include os.h and os.h is nowhere near an include path.

and some warnings:

"http_protocol.c", line 302: warning(1184): possible use of "=" where "=="
was intended
           ((r->proto_num >= 1001) && (r->chunked = 1))) &&

(and lots of the following:)

"engine.c", line 596: warning(1110): statement is unreachable

cc -n32   -o httpd buildmark.o modules.o modules/standard/libstandard.a
main/libmain.a /usr/local/src/apachen/src/os/unix/libos.a regex/libregex.a  
ld32: WARNING 84: /usr/local/src/apachen/src/os/unix/libos.a is not used
for resolving any symbol.

Binary seems to work fine.


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