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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject some remarks (bugs ?) (fwd)
Date Wed, 03 Sep 1997 17:09:25 GMT

I've sent a suggestion for (d). The rest are unanswered.

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Date: Wed, 3 Sep 1997 15:42:43 +0200
From: mueller <>
Subject: some remarks (bugs ?)


i have some suggestions for you but i am not sure whether they can be
considered as bug. i simply found no other viable address on your webpage.
so excuse me if i mailed to the wrong people.

first some information about our webserver and cc :

SunOS werkz 5.5.1 Generic sun4m sparc SUNW,SPARCstation-20
cc: SC4.0 18 Oct 1995 C 4.0

some days ago i upgraded from apache 1.1.1 to 1.2.4. everything is fine
and i never had any trouble running it. (this is a congratulation)

the automatically generated makefile contains one error that aborts
the linking process. for optimization the flags are "-O2" but our
cc understands only "-O". i know that most compilers understand "-O2"
but maybe ours is too old for that. after correcting it linked as it
should. so i don't know who is to blame...

within the allow and deny clauses you required to indicate each and every
hostname. would it be possible  to include wildcards like "*" and "?" ?
we e. g. have machines "iwf-pc1" to "iwf-pc36". whith "iwf-pc*" i had not
to indicate every single machine. maybe there are security reason that
you have not included this feature, but maybe it is worth checking it.

you may also indicate parts of ip-addresses for allow and deny purposes.
but only byte-sized chunks are allowed. from an address
you give 11.22.33. this implied a netmask ff.ff.ff.0. but our netmask
is ff.ff.ff.c0 to allow more (but smaller) subgroups. in the documentation
i found no hint that this implied netmask can be changed. i think it
is worth considering it.

for apache 1.1.1 i have a ps-file as documentation. (this was installed
by my predator as sysadm, and i cannot ask him right now) for apache
1.2.4 i found no such thing on the server. is it possible that apache
switched entirely to online docs ? when the server does not yet run
it is very convenient to have a printed documentation. any hint from
side is welcome...

thanks & cheers


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