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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Name/address virtual hosts
Date Sat, 27 Sep 1997 23:52:33 GMT
A global "servername localhost" effectively disabled name-vhost support. 
The global servername is essentially the addresses on which you want to
allow name-vhost support.  This is not the most clear ... but it should be
how the code works... we could make it more clear by having an explicit
NameVHostAddr thing. 

Note that there is no concrete support as of yet for multiple pools of
name-vhost addresses.  i.e. you can't have a default for each ip.  Well
maybe you can, I've never checked to see if you can fool it somehow.

The server gives no errors when vhosts overlap ips, it assumes you meant
to shoot yourself in the foot.  The actual host which is active is
dependant on ordering.  In 1.2 it would be the last one in the file, it
should be the same in 1.3... but your results don't seem to show that (I'm
assuming you defined vhost A first then B, C, D, E).

On Sat, 27 Sep 1997, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

>      1. Does rlookup("Host:") == IP of interface request arrived on?

We do not want to do a lookup of the Host: header at all.  The code in
there which does that affects the proxy (and is imho lame), and should
have no effect on valid hostnames.  DNS lookups kill performance. 

>          NO: [a] use _default_ vhost for that address, or for whole server
> 	     if no per-address _default_ defined
>     	 YES: goto [2]
>      2. Is there a <VirtualHost> that matches "Host:"?

This is where the code starts.  Only if it's a name-vhost though.

>          NO: go to [a]
>     	 YES: use it
>     I feel as though there is a crucial linchpin piece missing from the
>     algorithm - like maybe not being able to specify a per-address
>     _default_ container..?  Maybe the linchpin is missing from my
>     brain..

As I said above you may be able to do this already, but I suspect not. 
The per-address default would simply be the first vhost with that address
(first means it shows up in the search last) and it should include
"ServerAlias *" and "ServerPath /".  The change to make this work may be


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