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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Whither 1.3? Patches, feature freeze, etc...
Date Wed, 10 Sep 1997 17:29:47 GMT
My piped log patch can wait for 1.3b2.  My scoreboard fixes patch (fixes
bugs I introduced during the 1.3 alpha dev cycle) can also wait for 1.3b2
... back a month ago I asked for an exception to get the piped logs thing
in after the freeze.  We can't propose new features for 1.3.1 ... unless
you define piped logs as a bug fix (I can easily see this :). 

On the other hand I could commit both now (er, well I can't, until I get
my development machine with the latest version of it back on-net... !@#$
phone company).  We could release 1.3b1 and suffer the bug reports, we're
going to get them anyhow... it is a beta after all.  (Just don't say it's
a release candidate :) 


On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Jim Jagielski wrote:

> According to the schedule, 1.3beta1 should be release early next
> week. There are a coupla patches being worked on and some offered
> to be included before the release. Some are sizable enough that,
> once voted and and commited, should be tested by ourselves pretty
> rigorously before releasing a beta on the world. IMO, this blows
> the 9/15 date right out of the water.
> Remember the original plans for 1.3? It was basically to be 1.2 with
> the WinNT port added. The idea was that we finally had a version
> of Apache that could compile and run under NT/Windows and lets
> get that out. Since then, 1.3 has grown so that there are many
> other additions and improvements overs the 1.2 codebase. This is,
> to my mind, a Good Thing, but I think there is a time to say enough
> is enough.
> We need to get 1.3.0 out ASAP. We need a version of Apache that can
> compile and run under NT/Windows now. I think that unless patches
> are directly related to that, they should wait until 1.3.1. I'd
> like to see a very small number of betas for 1.3, and not the
> ever-growing numbers we had with 1.2.
> So this is my standing vote: We do NOT release 1.3beta1 until
> Ben and Alexei (and whoever else) is happy with the NT-side of
> it. If this means a slip in the date, so be it. We want NT people
> to be able to _compile_ this version. All other patches, unless
> they fix _serious_, life-threatening bugs should wait for 1.3.1.
> The OS abstraction stuff sounds like it helps the NT stuff, and
> maybe even is required at this point (or some level of it at
> least), so that should be looked at. But only as far as it fixes
> some NT problems.
> Anyway, that's my rant.
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