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From Stanley Gambarin <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] (take 1) reliable piped logs
Date Wed, 10 Sep 1997 02:21:30 GMT

On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, Dean Gaudet wrote:

> - perhaps we need another process group for the log child because otherwise
>     it will receive SIGHUPs and SIGUSR1s like the rest of the children
>     during a restart ... we could dictate the logger needs to ignore those
>     signals, or whatever.  This part of the API is undefined as of yet.
>     Note that not only does the logger get these signals, but the
>     maintenance callback gets the restart event, and you'll notice the
>     piped_log_maintenance function issues a SIGTERM in this case.
	Having API to allow for a separate process group would be a big
advantage.. mod_fastcgi needs this functionality in a huge way, since 
Apache signals mess up the whole processing, as well as 3-second SIGTERM/
SIGKILL is a real killer (sorry, coult not resists), resulting in a bunch
of orphan processes (some can't die in 3 seconds).

	Sidenote enhancements: (i can probably workaround those, but)
(a) call_exec() function relies on the request_rec being passed to it...
what if i would like to exec a process not based on any request... i 
would have to duplicate the code, which i don't like to do.. so generic
call_exec would be nice  (right now request_rec structure is only used
for logging and setrlimit, so it would be easy to separate those into
a separate data structure)

(b) abstract memory pool even further...  mod_fastcgi does some funky
stuff and needs memory pools, however, i can't use the pools from request
or config.. i need to create my own pool... I hate doing
make_sub_pool(NULL), so if someone can do the following:

inline pool *mem_init() 
	return (make_sub_pool(NULL));


inline void memory_destroy(pool *p) 

which would allow external modules to use  Apache memory pool stuff,
without any sideeffects.  If pepople are interested, say "Arg" and
I will whip out some patches...

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