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Subject Re: Current status of third-party module procedures?
Date Tue, 02 Sep 1997 16:48:56 GMT
> In 1.3, you can use a module-definition section in mod_php.c to alter the
> CFLAGS and LIBS settings.  See something like mod_auth_dbm for an example.
> You should be able to fiddle WANTHSREGEX in the same way.  mod_php.[ch]
> should probably go into a seperate directory.  You could consider doing
> the whole PHP build in something like src/modules/extra/php.

Sorry for being dense here, but I don't see the code you are referring to
in mod_auth_dbm.  I am looking at a CVS update from today of 1.3a2-dev.

The ideal solution for me would be if I could create a mod_php.def file or
something like that and then  when the user runs Configure it would go and
read all the various *.def files are create INCLUDES, CFLAGS, LIBS and also
override WANTHSREGEX or any other Configure settings.


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