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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: CHANGES entry on nph- CGIs
Date Tue, 30 Sep 1997 21:51:17 GMT
>But I just figured out I'm dumb, so ignore me.  The current CHANGES
>entry is even more misleading than I thought... I will post another
>suggestion later.

I just went ahead and changed it (it is, after all, documentation).

  *) Apache now provides an effectively unbuffered connection for
     CGI scripts.  This means that data will be sent to the client
     as soon as the CGI pauses or stops output; previously, Apache would
     buffer the output up to a fixed buffer size before sending, which
     could result in the user viewing an empty page until the CGI finished
     or output a complete buffer.  It is no longer necessary to use an
     "nph-" CGI to get unbuffered output.  Given that most CGIs are written
     in a language that by default does buffering (e.g. perl) this
     shouldn't have a detrimental effect on performance.

     "nph-" CGIs, which formerly provided a direct socket to the client
     without any server post-processing, were not fully compatible with
     HTTP/1.1 or SSL support.  As such they would have had to implement
     the transport details, such as encryption or chunking, in order
     to work properly in certain situations.  Now, the only difference
     between nph and non-nph scripts is "non-parsed headers".
     [Dean Gaudet, Sameer Parekh, Roy Fielding]

Feel free to tweak it again if you think it is needed.


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