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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: indent
Date Sun, 14 Sep 1997 06:24:05 GMT
>    IMHO we're not ready to run indent across the source yet.. at least
>    not with the current (apachen/src/

I tested that with SUNWspro-3.0.1 indent.  The one on hyperreal is from
BSD, which should probably be deleted and replaced with Gnu indent.

In any case, running indent is *not* an automatic process.  It will
normally screw up block comments that do not start in column 1, but
you can avoid that by editing the file first and adding a "-".
For example, replace

    /* This is a
     * nicely formatted
     * block comment


    /*-This is a
     * nicely formatted
     * block comment

and it won't reformat that comment (at least with the Sun version, there
might be similar pitfalls/workaround with Gnuindent).  You can then go back
afterword and remove the dash.

We also need a status file to split up the effort and prevent multiple
indents on a single file.  I'll commit one in a moment.
Above all, only do one file at a time, don't fix any bugs until after
the reformat has been committed, and make sure it compiles before then.


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