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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Starting over..
Date Fri, 12 Sep 1997 11:28:09 GMT
    Okey, let's start over.

    Jim, will you pretty-please put your 1.3 RM hat back on?

    How about this for a schedule:

    12 Sep  Dean's patches committed
    12 Sep  name-that-log patch committed
    12 Sep  ETag patch committed
    13 Sep  run indent across everything
    <BRRR>freeze</BRRR>, waiting for Ben/Alexei/Paul to say "Win32 is
    go for 1.3b1"
    15 Sep  Roll 1.3b1, people start verifying it internally
    17 Sep  Release 1.3b1, start fixing bugs reported against it
    17 Sep  Duplicate apachen into apache2, open 2.0 for feature work
    27 Sep  Release 1.3b2
    11 Oct  Release 1.3b3 (1.3.0 candidate)
     1 Nov  Release 1.3.0

    Aggressive, yes - but isn't there general agreement 1.2 took Too
    Long?  So maybe 1.3 will have some warts, and we'll need to do a
    1.3.[1-9] - what of it?  Let's get this sucker *out* there!

    #ken    P-)}

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