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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: Whither 1.3? Patches, feature freeze, etc...
Date Wed, 10 Sep 1997 19:06:43 GMT
    As I've already said, I've withdrawn all of my feature enhancements
    from consideration for 1.3.0.  I want to see 1.3b1 go out the door.
    I will confess to having an interest in 1.3final being on the
    streets by 25 December 1997.

    I'll go farther: -1 to *anything* at this point that doesn't fix a
    bug (except documentation).  No abstractions, no directory
    reordering, no "make install" - nothing.  (Much as I'd like some of
    those features, that's what they are - features.)  If it's broke,
    fix it.  If it ain't broke, wait.

    As far as I can tell, the only reason we're not in 2.0-mode right
    now is because of the Win32 issue.  Right; fine; okey.

    So.. Now that 1.3's frozen, duplicate the apachen module into
    apache2.0 (or whatever).  Open up apache2.0 to the wild, frenzied
    hacking Randy anticipates.  Let those of us who are unable to help
    with the Win32 effort do what we can against 1.3 bugs in apachen,
    and 2.0 features in apache2.0.  I do *not* want to have to wait
    through another several months of piled-up enhancements waiting for
    feature thaw; open up something pre-thawed now.

    And you can thank Jim for the wake-up call that brought on this
    sanity. ;->

    #ken    P-/}

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