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From Maj Justin Seiferth <>
Subject [Fwd: [Fwd: Browser capabilities?]]
Date Fri, 26 Sep 1997 01:45:28 GMT
Do we need to get Netscape's ear?  Hear it is- it someone will forward
the suggestion to me I'll work to get it into the feature list.


>   Presume you're aware of this issue if not let me know.  Hate to see
> > MSIE getting three cheers for anything.
> It sounds as if you're asking if Communicator could send out one user
> agent when doing normal web surfing, and one when doing off-line
> browsing (i.e., what Netcaster does).  It that what the issue is?
> If so, I'd be more than glad to send a note to the Netcaster product
> manager and submit this as a request for enhancement to the next
> Netcaster release.  However I'm interested: did the discussion clarify
> exactly why this was a desired capability?  (I can guess, but I thought
> you'd be able to give me more info.)

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