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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: OS specific headers
Date Sun, 14 Sep 1997 17:52:31 GMT
Paul Sutton wrote:
> On Sun, 14 Sep 1997, Ben Laurie wrote:
> > Paul Sutton wrote:
> > > At the moment, the OS specific directories (os/*) are responsible for
> > > copying any required OS-specific header files to $(INCDIR). This makes the
> > > OS macros, inlines and function prototypes available to all other source
> > > files.
> >
> > Does this actually work? I seem to remember that if you edit a softlink
> > with emacs the link ends up broken, and a new file created. Although it
> Erm, surely not? Doesn't on 19.30.1, or any other recent versions as far
> as I can remember.

Perhaps I'm wrong - I'll test it at some point.

> > may be less of an issue with Unix, I'd still prefer #include
> > "../os/unix/os.h".
> Ugh, I think this is ugly. I really wanted to be able to just have a
> single consistent #include "os.h" in the source which would always include
> the correct OS specific header file. I considered the build process to
> consist of two stages
>  1.  Setup the OS environment
>  2.  Do the build
> The latter knows nothing about the former. But having paths to OS specific
> files (etc) in the source means that if (say) we add a new OS abstraction
> we have to update the source. Also if we play with the OS abstraction
> (say, adding another header file) when we have to fiddle with the source.
> It isn't the end of the world to do it your way, but I just think that it
> is much neater to separate the two.
> Oh, another reason for not wanting to use a relative path was so that
> module source (which can be anywhere on the directory tree) have access to
> the correct os.h via conf.h.

Relative paths in headers are relative to the header, so I can't see
that this makes any difference.



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