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From Chuck Murcko <>
Subject Re: RSE's Apache ToDo-List
Date Fri, 12 Sep 1997 17:08:00 GMT
Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:
> Because I'm now away for three weeks (holiday ;_) and was very busy the last
> two weeks after we had pushed out 1.2.4, here is my Apache ToDo-List which I
> will work on when I'm back from holiday in October. Nothing really important
> for Apache 1.3bX. But for 1.3.0 at least the mod_rewrite locking issues have
> to be solved. If anyone of you want, you can do it yourself in the
> meantime, no problem. Under "Status:" I've written down what I would do,
> but feel free to do it better/cleaner/earlier ;_)
> RSE's Apache ToDo-List
> ======================
>   mod_rewrite
>   ===========
>     fix broken PIPE-locking for mod_rewrite's
>     "RewriteMap ... prg:/path/to/prog" directive
>     (Status: a lot of systems cannot lock a pipe directly, so
>      we should create a file /path/to/prog.lock and lock this one?)
>     shuffle the locking stuff from mod_rewrite.h to conf.h or at
>     least provide the same information in conf.h because this info is of
>     general type and not really just an issue of mod_rewrite.
>     (Status: My idea is to add USE_FCNTL and USE_FLOCK to conf.h as follows:
>     The heuristic from mod_rewrite.h is placed at the end of conf.h as a
>     fallback for the case that no explicit definition is done before by the
>     OS-dependend sections. Ideas?)
>     perhaps try to workaround the problem where RewriteRule
>     and RewriteCond directives in per-server context are unable to see the
>     REMOTE_USER variable.
>     (Status: Seems like this is because mod_rewrite there runs in the
>     URL-to-filename API hook which is to early for this variable while its
>     per-dir context runs later where the info still exists. What should we
>     do?)
>     There is still the very useful list of "practical solutions" from the
>     original mod_rewrite documentation which is no where really officially
>     available (since I've closed the
> area)
>     (Status: My idea is to create a new
>     htdocs/manual/misc/rewrite-solutions.html for Apache 1.3, holding this
>     stuff)
>   Apache Documentation Project (ADP)
>   ==================================
>   - VOTING:
>     Currently we habe a handbook skeleton in SGML format and a skeleton in SDF
>     format. And I'm now still evaluating the DSSSL approach with Jade which
>     FreeBSD has considered, too.
>     (Status: SGMLTools and SDF looks ok, SGML/DSSSL has to be evaluated, too.
>     When done I'll start the voting which tool and language we actually use
>     and then we can start the discussion about the Table Of Contents and then
>     go on writing and importing docs for the Handbook and the FAQ)
>   Apache Regression Test Suite (ARTS)
>   ===================================
>     The first try seemed ok, but was not enough for a complete test
>     environment.
>     (Status: To be able to use the test suite on any platform (only Perl
>     itself has to be still there) I'll pack libwww-perl with ARTS and also
>     libnet to be able to test HTTP/1.1 chunking etc as Dean requested. Then
>     we can try to write some real world tests for Apache 1.3)
>   Apache Configuration Suite (ACS)
>   ================================
>     Although still nobody knows, I've started another private project: An M4
>     macro suite like Sendmails to simplify the generation of httpd.conf files.
>     The idea is to write a httpd.m4 file with only dozens of macro calls and a
>     hughe and completed httpd.conf file is generated when you run "m4
>     <httpd.m4 >httpd.conf".
>     (Status: The M4 macro environment is already adapted from Sendmails V8
>     macros and the first Apache directives are configured. But there are a lot
>     of directives missing. When these are added, there are more things like
>     grouping into logical parts are needed)
Is there an m4 for NT/Win32?
Chuck Murcko
The Topsail Group, West Chester PA USA

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