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From Christof Damian <>
Subject Re: Log file: allow strftime parameters?
Date Tue, 09 Sep 1997 08:11:49 GMT
Elizabeth Mattijsen wrote:
> At 17:00 8-09-97 -0700, Brian wrote:
> >1) the logfiles could close and the new file descriptors for the new logs
> >could be passed to the children?
> On a related note: maybe it would be an idea to allow "strftime" parameters
> in the filepipe specification of CustomLog and TransferLog?  E.g.:
> TransferLog     filename.%Y%m%d
> would create a log file named "filename.19970908" on September 8th, 1997.
> Together with a daily -HUP at midnight, this would create log files with
> the date of the log already built in.

I think this would be nice. I also think, that log rotation should be
handled by the server. At the moment I am using "|cronolog ...", but
that is not useful if you have a lot of log files open.
Once I saw a patch for Apache 1.2 to change TransferLog to do log
rotation, it would be nice if something like this would come as standard
with apache.
I think it would be a cleaner solution than (graceful) restarting the
server every day.

Christof Damian /

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