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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: filter API spec
Date Mon, 01 Sep 1997 21:12:42 GMT
Alexei Kosut wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Aug 1997, Ben Laurie wrote:
> [...]
> > Probably not - but it's a rather inelegant solution. Suppose mod_proxy
> > and mod_rewrite both want to push filters but in the opposite order.
> > It's all rather messy, isn't it?
> Well, this is more of an issue with the order in which modules are
> parsed, isn't it? We've discussed, for 2.0, abilities to change that
> order from the compiled-in order.
> If we go with my idea of having modules register callbacks for API phases
> instead of a static list of function pointers, they can ask for a
> priority, or ask to be placed before/after another module, maybe?

That would work - in fact, that could still be done at compile time -
each module has a list of pairs (itself and another module in either
order), for each API phase, and you do a topological sort.

> We could even, I suppose, allow configuration of the order in which
> modules are called for a given API phase.

You'd have to.

> So I think it's a seperate issue from an API to allow filtered streams,
> but something we should deal with nonetheless.

I think this is just playing with words.

Anyway, an extreme example to think about is PPP. PPP can be tunneled
over a TCP connection - which might, itself, be on PPP. So you have a
stack that looks like PPP->TCP->PPP. Just a thought :-)



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