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From Elizabeth Mattijsen <>
Subject Re: Log file: allow strftime parameters?
Date Wed, 10 Sep 1997 01:42:35 GMT
At 17:51 9-09-97 -0700, Dean wrote:
>> You have complete flexibility.
>Sure, until someone else wants Yet Another Log Rotation Feature.
>It would be closer to the unix philospohy to push this all off into
>another program.

;-)   Then why bother with NT?

But seriously, as I said, it is no big issue with me.  It's about 10 lines
of code, I'll hack it into any version of Apache I'll use   ;-)  I think
that is even truer to the Unix philosophy, no?

Elizabeth Mattijsen
xxLINK Internet Services

P.S. Get well soon, Dean!

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