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From Elizabeth Mattijsen <>
Subject Re: Log file: allow strftime parameters?
Date Wed, 10 Sep 1997 00:27:04 GMT
At 16:58 9-09-97 -0400, #ken wrote:
>    Why would it be a problem?  If the filename can handle strftime()
>    formats, you can call it whatever you like - no-one's saying it has
>    to involve midnight at all.


   TransferLog        filename.%Y%m%d%H

together with an hourly -HUP, would create "filename.1997090916" for the
above time.

   Transferlog        filename.%Y%m

together with a monthly -HUP, would create "filename.199709" for the above

   Transferlog        filename.%Y%V

together with a weekly -HUP at midnight on Mondays, would create
"filename.199737" for the above time, being the 37th week of the year.

You have complete flexibility.

Elizabeth Mattijsen
xxLINK Internet Services

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