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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: [STATUS] 1.3b1: Tue Sep 30 10:00:33 PDT 1997
Date Tue, 30 Sep 1997 22:41:36 GMT
Dean Gaudet wrote:
> I scheduled it a week ago.  Marc complained.  I just said today that I
> still think it's worthwhile doing it tomorrow.  Marc complained again. 
> But other folks are speaking up now so maybe we can come to some sort of
> consensus.
> I don't think release manager has any sort of carte blanche ... unless
> this is a new rule.  I certainly didn't plan on doing it without the
> requisite voting. 

Just wanted to save you some possible headache/embarassment if you
went ahead and did all the work for the release and someone
said "Hey, wait! I've got some concerns/gripes/whatever!" :)
In no way did I want to imply that Dean was doing anything untowards
but just reminding the group that a beta release needs some sort
of group consensus and hopefully urge said members to vote. I never
thought for a minute that Dean would go off and do the release
without waiting/wanting/requesting feedback.

In any case, I think that 1.3b1 is ready. Sure there are some holes,
and no doubt 1.3b2 will be out "soon" after, but it is, after all,
the _first_ beta release of 1.3, so that should be expected.

How about a new release level: Final Candidate? We work on betas
which reflect a work-in-progress. When we have a version that
we think is stable enough to be the possible true release, it's
renamed 1.3fc1. This is released and tested and then upgraded to
1.3final (after maybe 1.3fc2) This may make things a bit more defined
to us and the world at large.
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