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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Feature Request
Date Fri, 19 Sep 1997 23:08:27 GMT

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Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 20:25:07 +0300
From: Rop Antonijo <>
Organization: IMPERIAL
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Subject: request
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Dear friends,

My name is Marian Gligorov (D.J.CAT) and I am aD.J. in Skopje which is

the capital of Former Yugoslav Republik of Macedonia.

I am applying to you because I need some help.

I am sure that you already know that the financial situation in my

country is almost katastrofal,for an example our monthly salary is

abouth 100$.

So because of that it is very difficult to by new vinil releases , 

and if Iprovide some money to buy a maxi singles they are not enough


Please if you are villing to help one desparatly passionet D.J. who

can`t afford to buy D.J. records send some records even if they are

second handed, or help me to find informations about those one who can


You can contact me on my friend`s e-male:

or send some material on my home address:

Marian Gligorov

Nikola Rusinski 3-a/1-16

91000 SKOPJE 


Thank you.

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