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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: /usr/local/apache
Date Wed, 17 Sep 1997 04:50:10 GMT
I have not had time to study any implementation of this, but if I 
have not made myself clear on this in the past...

I agree with the idea of installing apache in a directory named 
'apache'. I think that the macro PREFIX should default to a value 
of '/usr/local' and should be easily overridden with

Marc's suggestion of an install-src target is also a good one.

It does seem to make sense that unpacking and building in the 
destination directory would make it easier to fire up a 
configuration server or something to test and configure the 

> Have we decided yet what to do about this inconsistancy? I had
> offered a patch/concept that basically allowed HTTPD_ROOT and
> DOCUMENT_DIR(?) to be set in Configuration awhile ago but there
> was some discussion about whether that was the best way. Also,
> there was some discussion on whether 'make install' should copy
> src to HTTPD_ROOT or not or whether we should "recommend"
> a sep src directory. There was also some discussion why we
> needed a 'make install' anyway since we could say that the tarball
> needed to be untarred in the main Apache directory and we would
> adjust Makefile to link ./src/httpd to ./httpd...
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