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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Apache for OS/2, v1.2.4 (fwd)
Date Wed, 17 Sep 1997 04:44:51 GMT

> One thing though (slightly related). When OS/2 starts it says something
> along the lines of "OS/2 port by Garey Smiley". I don't think this is a
> good idea, since there are no rules for determining whose name appears
> when Apache starts.  Why do the OS/2 and Win32 versions get special
> treatment? No other port gets the name of the port author in the startup
> message. Of course you could argue that OS/2 and (particularly) Win32
> ports are "more work" than other Unix ports, but then again you could
> argue that if the start-up credit goes to the person who does the most
> work it should be someone else again. In short, I don't think any
> individual's name should appear at startup on any system. Apache is by
> "The Apache Group" and if anyone isn't happy with donating there code to
> the group then we shouldn't be using their code. 
> //pcs

Agreed. That was less of an issue when Garey took on the port, but 
things are a bit different these days.

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