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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: new log bleh
Date Mon, 15 Sep 1997 14:32:29 GMT
> Interrupted system call?


> This is why I really wanted the new log format to not be anything but a
> glorified printf wrapper.
> I'm using loglevel debug, as can be expected.  But most of what's logged
> there is garbage imnsho.  I don't like how the log level modifies the
> verbosity ... and I don't see the need for filename/linenumber info.  But
> I've complained about that before :)
> What do I like?  I like that we have log levels, they've been needed for
> a long time.
> I suggest the following:

I liked your other suggestion of having %E or something provide 
errno() and strerror(). I agree with Marc's comments that we need 
both. That way we can still do this with one logging function. ???

As for filename, I don't think this is something that we want to 
see for every error, and I'm not to keen on the adjustable 
verbosity stuff either. How about another token to get that? 
Trapping signals to change verbosity would be kind of cool 
though....  Do we just want to print filename when at APLOG_DEBUG?

> - add logging levels to the existing special functions like log_unixerr
>     which is supposed to log errno, then use this when you want the
>     errno included.
> - remove automatic errno printing in aplog_printf
> - remove the numeric errno
> - remove the filename/line numbers, make them a #define or something if you
>     want... but I guarantee that as soon as we make a release and we
>     get reports of an error on a specific line I'll be searching for the
>     text, not the line number when a user submits an error report.
>     Because our code base will be different than what the user is using.
>     I'd really hate it if the existance of file/line becomes a crutch when
>     we add new messages in the future -- i.e. that we're not descriptive
>     enough in the new messages to distinguish them from other messages
>     in the code.
> Of those the only one I feel very strong about is the auto errno.
> Dean

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