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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject RSE's Apache ToDo-List
Date Fri, 12 Sep 1997 09:59:38 GMT

Because I'm now away for three weeks (holiday ;_) and was very busy the last
two weeks after we had pushed out 1.2.4, here is my Apache ToDo-List which I
will work on when I'm back from holiday in October. Nothing really important
for Apache 1.3bX. But for 1.3.0 at least the mod_rewrite locking issues have
to be solved. If anyone of you want, you can do it yourself in the
meantime, no problem. Under "Status:" I've written down what I would do,
but feel free to do it better/cleaner/earlier ;_)

RSE's Apache ToDo-List


    fix broken PIPE-locking for mod_rewrite's 
    "RewriteMap ... prg:/path/to/prog" directive
    (Status: a lot of systems cannot lock a pipe directly, so
     we should create a file /path/to/prog.lock and lock this one?)

    shuffle the locking stuff from mod_rewrite.h to conf.h or at 
    least provide the same information in conf.h because this info is of
    general type and not really just an issue of mod_rewrite.
    (Status: My idea is to add USE_FCNTL and USE_FLOCK to conf.h as follows:
    The heuristic from mod_rewrite.h is placed at the end of conf.h as a
    fallback for the case that no explicit definition is done before by the
    OS-dependend sections. Ideas?)
    perhaps try to workaround the problem where RewriteRule
    and RewriteCond directives in per-server context are unable to see the
    REMOTE_USER variable. 
    (Status: Seems like this is because mod_rewrite there runs in the
    URL-to-filename API hook which is to early for this variable while its
    per-dir context runs later where the info still exists. What should we

    There is still the very useful list of "practical solutions" from the
    original mod_rewrite documentation which is no where really officially
    available (since I've closed the area)
    (Status: My idea is to create a new
    htdocs/manual/misc/rewrite-solutions.html for Apache 1.3, holding this
  Apache Documentation Project (ADP)

    Currently we habe a handbook skeleton in SGML format and a skeleton in SDF
    format. And I'm now still evaluating the DSSSL approach with Jade which
    FreeBSD has considered, too.
    (Status: SGMLTools and SDF looks ok, SGML/DSSSL has to be evaluated, too.
    When done I'll start the voting which tool and language we actually use
    and then we can start the discussion about the Table Of Contents and then
    go on writing and importing docs for the Handbook and the FAQ)

  Apache Regression Test Suite (ARTS)

    The first try seemed ok, but was not enough for a complete test
    (Status: To be able to use the test suite on any platform (only Perl
    itself has to be still there) I'll pack libwww-perl with ARTS and also
    libnet to be able to test HTTP/1.1 chunking etc as Dean requested. Then
    we can try to write some real world tests for Apache 1.3)

  Apache Configuration Suite (ACS)

    Although still nobody knows, I've started another private project: An M4
    macro suite like Sendmails to simplify the generation of httpd.conf files.
    The idea is to write a httpd.m4 file with only dozens of macro calls and a
    hughe and completed httpd.conf file is generated when you run "m4
    <httpd.m4 >httpd.conf".
    (Status: The M4 macro environment is already adapted from Sendmails V8
    macros and the first Apache directives are configured. But there are a lot
    of directives missing. When these are added, there are more things like
    grouping into logical parts are needed)

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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