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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: this 1.3b1 fiasco
Date Thu, 11 Sep 1997 22:18:35 GMT
> Look I'm sorry we're all getting worked up about this.  I think what
> bothers me the most is that the day I finished my patches was the same day
> they were declared too late.  If I thought that was going to happen I
> would probably have lost a little more sleep last week and finished them
> then.  I'm sorry.  But they're done now, and I pledge to stop writing
> features!  I don't even have the time to write features any more, I expect
> all my spare coding time to be consumed fixing bugs in 1.3. 
> I'd really like to commit them right now, this second, and get 1.3b1 out
> the door by monday.  I've done what I can to test things and I need more
> input. 
> Dean

Commit. I'll bring these changes into my live servers over the 
weekend to see what happens.

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