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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject [IMPROV] funny effect in apachen/Makefile
Date Thu, 04 Sep 1997 08:45:37 GMT
On one of teh machines here, it appears as if the shell which is invoked
in apachen/Makefile's line...
	(cd src; \
	  test ! -f Configuration && cp Configuration.tmpl Configuration; \
	  ./Configure -file Configuration; $(MAKE) all support)
has an implicit "-e" switch set. I've never read about such a behavior,
or why this would be caused, but tracing by setting "set -x" in the (..)
reveals that the "test" in "test ... && cp ..." is the last executed
statement, then the (...) returns with an exitcode of nonzero.

I don't know if this happens anywhere else, too, but the "defensive"
improvement to avoid such a trap could be the addition of a "||true".

See patch.

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