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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject Things missing from 1.3b1
Date Tue, 02 Sep 1997 13:09:23 GMT
We're in code freeze now, but there appear to be some patches still
missing from the current snapshot.

*   Marc's proxy-CONNECT patch which is +1 by me and by Lars
    It is essential for access to https: resources from an intranet
    proxy. Without it, the connection just times out.

*   The (+1 by Dean) patch to GuessOS for Reliant UNIX (appended)

*   mod_speling [ again ;-) ] (+1 by Dean, Paul, and Alexei, so far)
    Note: I re-worked the module again because...

    *   In the case of a broken symlink, a redirection to the same
	URL was generated, causing a loop.

    *   the directory search stopped at the first "spelling corrected"
	name, which was not necessarily the best one (miscapitalized
	spelling correction is "closer" than inserting/deleting a

    *   if "spelling correction" did not match, the directory was
	searched a second time, looking for matching base names. The
	second searching is redundant if information is collected in
	the first (single) pass.

    *   in the case of ambiguities, a list ought to be presented to
	the client instead of returning the first match.

    So, in the appended new version,

    *   I replaced calls to log_xxxx by aplog_error() calls,

    *   I used indent to generate a standardized layout,

    *   I build a list of possible mis-spelled candidates, returning
	301 HTTP_MOVED_PERMANENTLY if only one match is found, otherwise
	returning 300 HTTP_MULTIPLE_CHOICES and the list of candidates,
	like in:
    >                             Multiple Choices
    > The document name you requested (/~martin/spel/example.4.2.gif) could
    > not be found on this server. However, we found documents with names
    > similar to the one you requested.
    > Available documents:
    >   * Example.4.1.gif (mistyped character)
    >   * Example.1.2.gif (mistyped character)
    > Furthermore, the following related documents were found:
    >   * Example.html (common basename)
    >   * Example.html.bak (common basename)
    >   * exAMPLE.4.2.xls (common basename)

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