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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Things missing from 1.3b1
Date Tue, 02 Sep 1997 14:28:03 GMT
> --VbJkn9YxBvnuCH5J
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> We're in code freeze now, but there appear to be some patches still
> missing from the current snapshot.
> *   Marc's proxy-CONNECT patch which is +1 by me and by Lars
>     It is essential for access to https: resources from an intranet
>     proxy. Without it, the connection just times out.


> *   The (+1 by Dean) patch to GuessOS for Reliant UNIX (appended)

These types of changes IMO don't really require votes. It is hard 
for most people to test these less common OSes. Go for it. If it 
breaks things for existing OSes, I'm sure someone will mention it. 

> *   mod_speling [ again ;-) ] (+1 by Dean, Paul, and Alexei, so far)
>     Note: I re-worked the module again because...

+1 I might argue that some of the logging levels might be more of a 
INFO level rather than ERR. We can tweak those after you get it int
o the system.

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