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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Things missing from 1.3b1
Date Tue, 02 Sep 1997 14:03:57 GMT
I will add these to the official status...

Martin Kraemer wrote:
> We're in code freeze now, but there appear to be some patches still
> missing from the current snapshot.
> *   Marc's proxy-CONNECT patch which is +1 by me and by Lars
>     It is essential for access to https: resources from an intranet
>     proxy. Without it, the connection just times out.

Any other votes from those authorized to vote? Counting Marc's (implied)
vote and yours, that's only 2 I think.

> *   The (+1 by Dean) patch to GuessOS for Reliant UNIX (appended)


> *   mod_speling [ again ;-) ] (+1 by Dean, Paul, and Alexei, so far)
>     Note: I re-worked the module again because...

I would recommend that people look at this new version and then
vote on that. IMO this is a new feature, since it adds capability,
but it was on the table before the freeze went into effect, so I
think there's some flexibility.
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