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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject Re: Repost: [BUG] PR#1031: ErrorDocument with type-maps
Date Thu, 28 Aug 1997 18:43:46 GMT
According to Randy Terbush:

>  I don't think that type maps are supposed to be referenced 
>  directly. The .var mirrors another set of files similarly named
>  giving clues on preferences for the avaliable file types.

But how do you invoke the type-map handler without referencing
a .var file? No, I'm not talking about MultiViews, that's an other issue.

When I have a file /error/foo.var and access it directly it works, but
not when it's invoked as an ErrorDocument. 

OTOH a MultiViews search (without .var files) works when used together with
custom error documents.

Lars Eilebrecht                   - "To iterate is human, to recurse divine."                                            (L. Peter Deutsch)

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