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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject is broken
Date Wed, 27 Aug 1997 12:08:44 GMT

due to the mail from the guy who didn't found a binary in the sunos
archive I checked the archives.

All 1.2.4 archives have a binary file in it, but I didn't checked
the 1.2.3 archives.

Anyway I think I found an error... has a missing "'" in the line:

 system=`./$release/src/helpers/GuessOS | sed 's/\//_/g` || exit 1

Because it should read:

 system=`./$release/src/helpers/GuessOS | sed 's/\//_/g'` || exit 1 

Maybe this lead to a missing binary in some 1.2.3 archives, because
of the "mv httpd httpd-$system".

Lars Eilebrecht                    - Unix is like Sex: If you don't know it,                     - you don't miss is. But if you know it,                - you'll need it.

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