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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Media Daily (fwd)
Date Fri, 22 Aug 1997 22:34:06 GMT
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Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 05:04:14 +0100
From: Col Needham <>
Subject: Media Daily

   [2]Media Daily [3]Promo Expo 97
   _Aug. 21 1997
   Vol. 5 - No. 164_ _[10]Media Daily Archive
   [11]More News_
  Clarification: Apache, Indeed, the Server Market Leader
   A rash of reader responses wondered where the popular Apache server
   software figured in our 8/11/97 story "Netscape Maintains Market
   When we wrote that Netscape held 85% of the server market, we cited
   the just-released 1996 numbers from Zona Research
   ([45], and noted that those numbers were based on
   revenue. We failed to clarify that these figures did not represent the
   installed base.
   Since many server licenses -- perhaps most notably those of Apache and
   Microsoft -- are free, Netscape is in many ways, in a category by
   itself. Netscape managed to pull in some $77 million in revenue from
   server software licenses, against Microsoft's $7.5 million and none
   from Apache.
   Similarly, we stated that, based on revenue, Netscape is solidly
   beating Microsoft in the e-mail server market, where Netscape holds a
   50% share, against Microsoft's 18% and Lotus's 4%. Again, these
   numbers ignore the widespread distribution and installed base of free
   When it comes to surveying the installed base, a recent survey by
   Netcraft ([46] sheds some light on the
   current market shares. Netcraft's survey of 1.2 million sites notes
   that Apache maintains a commanding lead, weighing in at some 43%, of
   the servers surveyed, up just over .5% from July. That's compared to
   Microsoft's estimated 17.7% and Netscape's 11.8 % of surveyed sites.

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