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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject NL: Netscape Continues To Dominate Browser Market (fwd)
Date Tue, 12 Aug 1997 12:29:50 GMT

For your entertainment....  (my '*'s mark the funny bit).


Netscape Continues To Dominate Browser Market  (Media Daily)

   [9]Media Daily
   _Aug. 11, 1997_
          _Vol. 5 - No. 156_
  Netscape Maintains Market Share
          After a quarter plagued with browser bugs, Netscape
          Communications Corp. is vowing to continue to dominate the
          browser market, as well as lead the server market, which is
          currently the company's bread and butter.
          Studies from Computer Intelligence and its affiliated research
          group IntelliQuest give Netscape a 72% hold on the corporate
          browser market. That's a slip from Netscape's 85% hold on the
          market a year ago, and in spite of recent difficulties which
          have forced Netscape users to re-download the entire
          Communicator suite -- a 56-minute wait on a 28.8 modem -- if
          they want Netscape's channel browser NetCaster to work
          Zona analyst Jim Balderston told Media Daily that Netscape is
          rumored to soon be unbundling Navigator from its Communicator
          suite, in part to appease the needs of its user base for a
          stripped-down browser that is easy to download.
          "Let's face it, with a 15-meg download in a 14.4 modem or at
          best a 28.8 modem universe, you try a few times, you wait an
          hour or the server hoses you halfway through," Balderston said.
          "That's a big issue when you want to reach the folks outside
          the corporate firewall ... Netscape's said that the sales point
          of software like Communicator and Netcaster is inside the
          firewall. So they've got to come up with something for
          everybody else," he added.
*          The 1996 survey numbers, based on revenue, from Redwood City,
*          CA-based think tank Zona Research, showed that Netscape
*          SuiteSpot held an 85% share of the Internet and Intranet server
*          markets. In terms of the server market, Netscape held 43% of
*          all server licenses, paid and unpaid, while Microsoft trailed
*          only slightly with a 39% market share. Microsoft has been
           bundling its server software with Windows NT, while Netscape
           continues to charge for its software.
          Where Netscape is solidly beating Microsoft, according to
          Zona's numbers, is in the e-mail server market, where Netscape
          holds a 50% share, against Microsoft's 18% and Lotus's 4%.
          Balderston noted that while Netscape's market share was far
          from secure, its best measure continues to be its arch-rival.
          "Say what you want to about Microsoft, it's a company that can
          execute very well, and they've turned 90 degrees to face the
          Internet, and given Netscape a beating. Netscape's a long way
          from dead. They may not be giving as well as they're getting,
          but they're still standing up." (Sean Wolfe)
          _Cowles/Simba Media Daily 8/11/97_
          _Copyright 1997 Cowles Business Media. All rights reserved._
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