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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] SysV semaphores
Date Thu, 07 Aug 1997 09:51:31 GMT
To use sysv semaphores it'd be nice if we don't require the user to do
anything special to their config files ... and we need to somehow choose
a number which is roughly constant across multiple invocations of httpd
on the "same" config file.  (And different for httpds running on different
config files.)

I say "same" because some folks regenerate their config file when adding
vhosts, so the inode isn't a good thing to use.

The pid file location should be unique, but nothing breaks terribly if
it isn't (well it's hard to stop/restart).  The server root doesn't have
to be unique.

It's hard to use Listen (because it could be restarted with extra Listen
directives).  BindAddress would work well, but isn't always there.
Port doesn't help much on its own.

... I'm running out of ideas...

Whatever we do, we'd need to add accept_mutex_fini() so that we can
properly delete the semaphore on clean exits.  There's no need to deal
with it in children, because IPC_RMID wakes up any blocked processes.
We might just be able to get away with IPC_PRIVATE.



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