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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject an idea to reduce configuration "bug" reports
Date Thu, 07 Aug 1997 05:41:57 GMT
A lot of the reports we get are from users who don't understand the
merging process, or miss a .htaccess file, or miss an srm.conf, yadda
yadda.  Here's a possible improvement: 

- during command parsing, keep track of the filename/line number (this is
  nice in general anyhow, better error reports)

- mark each core_dir_config with the filename/line number that it started 
  at (i.e. the line number of the <Directory>, or 0 for .htaccess files)

Then during directory_walk, file_walk, and location_walk, add debugging
code which prints stuff like:

xxdatexx child_num starting with lookup_defaults of vhost $SERVER_NAME, request for uri $REQUEST_URI
xxdatexx child_num path '/': merged in <Directory> from $SERVER_ROOT/conf/access.conf:30
xxdatexx child_num path '/home/dgaudet/public_html': merged in <Directory> from $SERVER_ROOT/conf/access.conf:36
xxdatexx child_num path '/home/dgaudet/public_html': merged in /home/dgaudet/public_html/.htaccess
xxdatexx child_num path '/home/dgaudet/public_html/foo.gif': merged in <Files> from

(With all those $things expanded.) 

The child_number is unique enough to find all the records that apply to a
single request.

The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how best to enable/disable
this tracking.  Fortunately for us it seems that most of the reports come
from server operators, so if we were to make it a server config option
that would probably be sufficient. 


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