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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Apache Documentation Project !!
Date Tue, 05 Aug 1997 09:03:27 GMT
What about putting those great little bars down the left side of the page
beside lines that have changed since the last revision?  Can you do that
with HTML, easily? 

I'm happy writing stuff in html and letting someone else translate it to
whatever format the "official" docs are in ... actually I'll probably
learn whatever language the docs are in.  But I probably won't have to if
we can keep a critical mass in the docs project.


On Tue, 5 Aug 1997, Brian Behlendorf wrote:

> At 12:34 AM 8/5/97 -0700, you wrote:
> >I disagree, html does not offer the control over printing a book that sgml
> >does.  
> HTML has a couple general gateways to including information it doesn't
> directly know about; be it by comments or by <CLASS> and <ID> tags or
> whatever.  
> If it's control over look and feel when rendered into different media, what
> about style sheets?  
> If you'd say we'd need a richer content language because there's more
> structured information we'd like to mark up explicitly, then I'd buy that
> we need better than HTML.  What about this newfangled SGML-wolf-in-sheeps-
> clothing called XML?  Any real tools utilizing that yet?
> >Once there's a bulk of work done, does it matter if you don't know
> >the language perfectly?  
> As history showed, if the /one/ person who knows the language doesn't
> commit to keeping it up (or passing the pumpkin to someone else) then it'll
> be abandoned for what people know how to do.  It was a big if, maybe not so
> big these days.
> If I sound ambivalent, I am.  There's a lot of nice things about how easy
> it is to add to the docs today; and we have got to make that easy to do or
> no one will spend time documenting.  On the other hand a more structured
> doc format would have certain advantages.
> 	Brian
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> "Why not?" - TL  - -

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