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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: chunking too often?
Date Sun, 03 Aug 1997 00:28:37 GMT
No it's not a waste to be able to reliably tell the client that they
received the entire message and not part of the message.  Consider a proxy
which is caching a response from a server when the network hiccups and
it's only 50% of the way through the response.  Without chunking,
Content-Length, or multipart/byteranges there is no way for the proxy to
know that it received the entire response.  (In practice Content-MD5 can
also do the same thing.) 

I personally like us chunking on all dynamic responses.  It sets a very
good example. 

I'm suprised that rfc2068 doesn't say this is a MUST ... Roy?  I thought
it was a MUST but I can't find it.


On Sat, 2 Aug 1997, Alexei Kosut wrote:

> I just happened to notice that Roy's change to the keepalive code (from
> last March, I think) activates chunked responses for HTTP/1.1 whether or
> not the connection is actually being kept open, which I don't think my
> original code did (although I could be wrong).
> It's not doing anything wrong, but should we consider moving the check
> for the "close" tokens to above the part that turns chunking on? Or vice
> versa.
> It seems a waste to chunk a response when we know it's not neccessary.
> -- Alexei Kosut <>

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